THC Infused Pain Cream, Salve & Lip Balm

A wonderfully delicious cannabis massage cream for just about any muscle pain or skin ailment. Infused with just the right amount of decarboxylated cannabis or concentrate adds just the right touch of medicine to this wonderful elixir. For more background and extensive information on THC infused oils and salves, click …


Super-Potent Cannabis Gummy Treats

A super-easy recipe to make when you can’t smoke and need your edibles readily. Make sure to Decarboxylate your concentrate, oil, or …

Sugar Cookies made with Cannabis Butter and Flour
Weed Sugar Cookies
Cannabis Infused Weed Sugar Cookies

Cannabis Sugar Cookies

This is a simple recipe for a sweet little sugar cookie made with cannabutter, that is super-potent. Rolls out beautifully.


Cannabis Cocoa Brownies

These are super fudgy, chewy brownies from scratch and worth the effort. They pack a full ten tablespoons of cannabutter into an …


A great way to extract THC for a creamy concoction, cannacream is a wonderful additive.


Rosemary Cannabis Mashed Potatoes

This recipe, using cannacream and cannabutter, is a tasty addition to any meal. Great with cannabis roasted turkey breast and canna gravy!