Canna Banana Bread Muffins

Canna-Banana-Muffins-DecoratedThis is the only banana bread recipe I ever use. It has a crispy little edge with a beautiful moist interior. The altered recipe comes from The News Review. It uses very healthy canna-coconut oil. For a little something extra try frosting them with cannabutter frosting. Enjoy! As a bonus, here’s an wonderfully written article from fellow blogger Helen about the excellent health benefits of coconut oil:

Cannabutter 2

This is an alternate recipe to Cannabutter 1, useful if you want to use the residual plant matter to make stronger cannacapsules. More of the butter remains in the plant matter than in Cannabutter 1 so the residual is more potent; however, there is no liquid to reserve for other recipes and the butter yield is proportionally smaller. So, which recipe to use depends on which by-products you’re partial to. Also, as written, Cannabutter 2 is a stronger brew, weed quality being equal. Some swear by this method, others by Cannabutter 1.